For 34 years ATM has been active in the field of surface treatment in the semiconductor market, both front and back-end. Customers' demands for cleanliness and reliability are so high and create various challenges. ATM relieves customers of these challenges and acts as a one-stop shop, specialized in various process/services that are combined under one roof.


ATM is active as a surface treatment specialist for various medical clients, such as clients who are active in the construction of medical devices for treatments, diagnostics and the production of implants. ATM is often involved during the engineering phase, in order to arrive at the right choice of surface treatment and cleaning.


The industrial mechanical engineering market is quite diverse in the region where ATM is active. Since its establishment, experience has been gained in various surface treatments and cleaning processes. ATM can provide technical support in various areas with regard to the correct surface treatment, taking into account the geometric complexity.  


For various Tier 1 and 2 suppliers in the Aerospace market, ATM provides surface treatments, particularly in the field of space technology. These include development projects in which ATM is involved during the engineering phase in order to select the correct surface treatment.

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