Wet cleaning

In the ultrasonic bath line we can clean products with a maximum size of 900x850x800mm, from stainless steel, (anodized) aluminium, plastic, ceramics, glass.

For larger products (up to 2300x1800x1800mm) the large bathtub line is available, with a maximum weight of 2,000kg.

During all steps, all blind holes are also flushed under pressure to obtain a completely clean part, and then also dried.

Dry cleaning

Products that are not suitable for wet cleaning (e.g. because of the materials used) are manually cleaned by our specialists, which gives an optimal result.

Ultra High Vacuüm

For parts used in vacuum applications, additional requirements are placed on the cleaning process. Not only for the cleaning itself, but also for the method of packaging. ATM is fully equipped for this.

Cleanroom packaging

Many products are packaged at the end of the process cleanroom, so that they can be assembled directly at the customer's premises without having to be cleaned again. ATM has a cleanroom class 7 and class 6 for this purpose (ISO 14644-1).


Packaging and labelling is crucial in the supply chain. By means of labelling, the correct information of a product is transferred to the supply chain and traceability is guaranteed. ATM has various types of labels at its disposal that can be placed on the product, packaging or kit according to the customer's requirements.  


In order to make assembly processes at the customer as easy as possible, ATM can pack and label products in kits after surface treatment and/or cleaning. In consultation with the customers these kits can be produced in different variations with the required labelling.

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