ATM Oirschot has specialised in treatments and, if required, cleanroom packaging of parts since 1986. Since 1997, ATM has also developed further as a specialist in the field of cleaning and cleanroom packaging. 

From the outset, ATM has focused on treating high-quality products, where high demands are placed on the visual and functional quality of the surface treatment. Gradually, the product range has been expanded to include, for example, pickling / passivation of titanium, and glass bead blasting and laser engraving. ATM has been ISO certified (ISO 9001:2015) since 2009.

Mould cleaning

At the end of the 1990s, ATM started a special cleaning department, where initially injection moulds (ultrasonic) were cleaned. Because there was an increasing demand from the existing customer base for the clean delivery of parts, ATM shifted its focus from injection moulds to parts in the high-tech supply chain. Over the years, the delivery programme has also expanded considerably. For example, we have been cleaning products of ever larger dimensions. We have been specialising in Grade 2 cleaning for years, and we have also added assembly, kitting and labelling.

New facility

Since January 2016, ATM Oirschot has moved to its new address at Scheper 406 in Oirschot. With this move to new premises, ATM was able to design the production processes according to the latest techniques. Partly as a result of this move, ATM's growth has been considerable.

Connection to the KMWE group

Since June 2019, the KMWE group has expanded its activities with the acquisition of ATM. This fits in with KMWE's targeted strategy in the field of innovation and technology, in order to grow further and develop capabilities.  

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