Date: 07 March 2023 Place: Oirschot, Nederland Grade: LBO/ MBO Contracthours: 38 Experience: Junior, Professional

Operator Surface Treatments

Job description

Do you have an affinity with technology and are you open to learning new things? Do you want to learn a trade within a dynamic company with sufficient career opportunities? Then read on quickly! Within ATM Oirschot we are looking for a process operator metal surface treatment. In this role you are responsible for handling various metal products. This can be different treatments, for example: anodizing, hard anodizing and pickling and passivating. In the role you are responsible for;

ATM (founded in 1986) specialized in high-quality surface treatments of aluminum, stainless steel and titanium. In addition, ATM has many years of experience in high precision cleaning of various materials. Their customers are producers of high-quality machine components and assemblies in various markets, with an emphasis on the semiconductor market. ATM is a wholly owned subsidiary of KMWE Group B.V. ATM is located at De Scheper 406 in Oirschot and employs approximately 70 people.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • You are working on anodizing (treating aluminum and metal surfaces) in baths.
  • Clamping and preparing the parts according to the supplied drawings.
  • You take care of the check before the coating is applied.
  • You operate and are responsible for the bath line.
  • Carrying out interim checks to check the layer thickness;
  • Blowing the parts clean using an air gun;
  • Check whether the process has been carried out in accordance with regulations;
  • Coordination of work with colleagues.

Job Requirements

  • As a minimum a PSVE diploma is an advantage.
  • Fluent Dutch in word and writing in connection with safety.
  • Can work independently and has accuracy, work insight and a flexible attitude, no 9 to 5 mentality.

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