Date: 27 July 2022 Place: Oirschot Grade: LBO, MBO Contracthours: 38 Experience: Junior, Professional

Cleanroom operator

Job description

ATM Oirschot is looking for employees who want to perform various tasks in the cleanroom. These consist mainly of collecting orders, cleaning products, inspecting products, assembling products, measuring and then packaging them according to procedure.

You are expected to work independently but also in a team. It is also important that you can work accurately and precisely. 

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Clamping of parts according to supplied drawings;
  • Cleaning of products by immersion/drying processes;
  • Packaging and/or labelling of products;
  • Performing intermediate checks;
  • Cleanliness inspection of products by means of UV light. 
  • Checking whether the process has been carried out in accordance with the order;
  • Coordinating the work with colleagues

Job Requirements

  • A minimum of a VMBO diploma is preferred.
  • Has fluent spoken and written English in connection with safety
  • Can work independently and has accuracy, work insight and a flexible attitude, no 9 to 5 mentality.

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